West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

Your Police and Crime Commissioner in the West Midlands is Labour’s David Jamieson.
Born and bred in the region, David started his career as a teacher in Birmingham. In 1992 he was elected as a Member of Parliament. Between 1997 and 2005 he served as a Government Minister under Tony Blair. In 2014 he became your Police and Crime Commissioner. He is married and lives in Solihull with his wife Patricia.

David Jamieson

But what is a PCC?

It’s the job of the Commissioner to make sure West Midlands Police is run effectively.   Elected by you, the PCC must act as your voice. Crucially the Commissioner does not run the police force on an operational level, but he does hold it to account and make sure the force prioritise the crimes that matter most to the people who elected him.  PCCs replaced police authorities in 2012.   To do their job they are given significant powers, including the ability to:
Hire and fire the Chief Constable.
Set the budget
Raise council tax
Set priorities for the police force

In 2020 there will be new elections and you will have the opportunity to decide who is your next Police and Crime Commissioner in the West Midlands.

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