16th November 2019 - Aston Villa Football Club




Awards Theme

The theme of the event is “Thank you is easy to say”. The event has another important point, to remind people that, although someone is being recognised it is about setting an inspiring role model for the younger generation or individuals that are on the wrong path in life in which to aspire to.  In recognising and valuing the efforts that these people partake to help and encourage others to also aim for is amazing.  We want to salute them all and help them make it a normal occurrence to do good deeds, to go the extra mile and be a fantastic citizen in the world that we live. There are times when people feel taken for granted or feel like they are invisible, no matter what they do to help others, well let this be the turning point that uplifts and encourages those individuals to feel appreciated for their selfless efforts.


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Gandhi

About the event​

There are many times when I am sure you say to yourself “That person deserves a medal for what they do”. Or “I do not know how they do it” or “ You will be rewarded someday for all that you do” WHY NOT make that day SAT 16th NOVEMBER 6pm till 1am at Aston Villa Football Club for the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards 2019.


Aston Villa FC, Villa Park, Birmingham, B6 6HE


Sat 16th November, 2019
6pm - 1am

About the awards

The Midlands Business, Community & Charity Awards was set up as a non-profit organisation with the sole purpose of recognising people in the midlands area.  The mission was to focus on the people that make a difference in both the business and general community.  People who go out their way to help other selflessly without wanting any praise or thanks.  This is the platform where those people can be recognised locally.  To make this event happen everyone involved with the MBCCA has given either their time and/or services free of charge 


Some of the team

Zoe Bennett

Motivational Queen &
Training Personified

Paul Landa

Zeckro Web Solutions &
My Web Pal

Tru Powell

Alternative Events &
Kandy Girl

Maria Posiwnycz

The Accountancy Firm

Abid Khan

Riverdale Insurance

Brad Burton

BradBurton.Biz &
Now What Club

Leah Charles-King

TV Presenter &

Dan Kelly

Radio DJ &
Dan Kelly Ltd

Justice Williams

City & Style Magazine &

Richard Atkinson

The Baby Ava Foundation &
Photo Booths


About the event & how it started

The Business and Community Awards has been created to bring both the community and business world together to assist various charities. The event will be held at around October time each year of which details will be posted on the website.

The idea came out of the desire by Zoe Bennett who wanted to recognise and honour Gavin Williamson MP for all he did to assist in keeping her safe when she was facing a time of immense adversity, death threats and despair. She wanted to in turn help others that are in his constituency. Zoe felt too often people turn to their MP and then when they receive the help there is rarely a gesture of tangible gratitude. Zoe saw this as a problem and wanted to change all that by extending it out to the wider communities.

The awards are aimed at recognising individuals in both the community and business world who are the unsung heroes. By showcasing people that are selfless, considerate to others and go that extra mile, will openly encourage and inspire others to do the same or similar. Being made to feel valued is a powerful tool for young and old alike no matter what their background; it is ultimately just saying Thank You. It is also saying we appreciate you or simply recognising the importance of the efforts people go to or try to go to. This event will be a celebration of all the wonderful deeds that are being done that many may not be aware of.

All proceeds made once compulsory items are paid for will 100% go to the 4 or 5 carefully selected charities detailed on the site. All the contributors have donated their time and services on a complimentary basis. We have engaged both the community and business world to contribute as many complimentary items to ensure we can raise as much money for all charities.

Zoe has also had a great deal of help and support from her number 2 at the MBCCA who has been there from the beginning and that person is Paul Landa Head of Digital (Zeckro Web Solutions & My Web Pal)

The MBCCA could not have flourished without the help of many selfless individuals that have given their time and services such as Brad Burton (Founder of 4Networking and No.1 Motivational Speaker in the UK), Gavin Williamson MP (Parliamentary Secretary to David Cameron), Michele Ibbs (I’m Your PA), Lizzy Haynes (Innovation Creations), Craig Petty (Slightly Unusual) and Taffy Tamangani (Eli Venue Dressing) just to mention a few.

Since the start, many people have helped and donated towards the awards and these people are also featured on the website, please look out for them.


Our great sponsors​



The awards are aimed at unsung heroes within the business and community worlds that go above and beyond the normal expectations that are required in the modern world



This event could not have been possible without the help of many selfless individuals that have given their time and services completely for free



The Business and Community Awards has been created to bring both the community and business world together to assist various charities


Aston Villa Football Club, Trinity Rd, Birmingham, B6 6HE

If you are thinking of staying overnight for the event then there are a number of hotels in the area, please search google.


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